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Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide 2021

2022 Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide:

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Where to do everything else…

Get Gas
Nipigon, Lake Helen, Pays Plat, Schreiber, Terrace Bay

Get Propane 
Nipigon Husky (Refills),  Exchange – Canadian Tire, Pelletiers Gas Bar, Red Rock Marina

Get Groceries
Zechner’s (Nipigon) 807.887.2910, Saunders (Red Rock) 807.886.2630, Costa Foodateria (Schreiber) 807.824.2311, Costa’s Food Market (Terrace bBay) 807.825.4501, The Bargain Shop (Nipigon) 807.887.1333

RV Dumping
Stillwater Campground 807.887.3701, Nipigon Marina Campground 807.887.3040, Red Rock Marina Campground 807.886.2126

Buy Beer/Liquor
Beer Store (Nipigon) 807.887.2913, LCBO (Nipigon) 807.887.2630, LCBO (Red Rock) 807.886.2516, LCBO (Schreiber) 807.824.2473, LBCO (Terrace Bay) 807.825.3223

Kennel a Dog
Gemline Canine Care (Nipigon) 807.889.0827

Rent a Canoe/Kayak
Experience North (Red Dogg Inn Terrace Bay) 807.823.0699, Quebec Lodge/Nipigon River Adventures 807.886.2603, North Superior Charters and Lodge 807.857.1396

Get a car repaired
Canadian Tire (Nipigon) 807.887.3131, Allans AutoPro 807.887.2440, Gerlach’s Garage 807.887.3526, Brennen’s 807.887.2034, Narvi’s Auto 807.887.2517

Late Night Snacks
Husky Travel Center (24 hours) 807.887.2197, Tim Hortons (24 Hours) 807.887.5595, Petro Canada (24 Hours) 807.887.3646, Mac’s Convenience Store (till 12) 807.887.2212

Rent Fishing Gear
Nipigon Public Library 807.887.3142

Lodges, Charters and Guides

Nipigon River Bait, Tackle and Souvenirs 807.889.0707
Bait, Tackle, Maps, Souvenirs, Guides

North Superior Charters and Lodge 807.857.1396
Fishing, Hunting Guides, Charters, Canoe/Kayak, adventure

  • Bowman Island Lodge and charters 807.886.2504
  • Lake Nipigon Charters 807.875.2873
  • Quebec Lodge/Nipigon River Adventures 807.886.2603
  • Nipigon River Bear Hunts 877.825.2813
  • Hardy Baits (Nipigon) 807.887.2306
  • Hamilton Baits (Hurkett) 807.857.1462
  • Canadian Tire (Nipigon) 807.887.3131
  • Butcher/Smoker (Jim) 807.886.9989
  • Discovery Charters (non-fishing, Rossport) 807.824.3323
  • Superior Outfitters (Canoing/Kayaking – Rossport) 807.824.3314
  • Bluebird Charters (Rossport) 807.824.3353

Gifts and Souvenirs

  • Nipigon River Bait, Tackle and Souvenirs 807.889.0707
  • Art by Art Photography (Nipigon) 807.887.5304
  • Pelletier’s Gas Bar & Native Art Gallery 807.887.2952
  • Nipigon General Store 807.887.0006
  • Township of Nipigon Office 807.887.3135
  • Stillwater Campground 807.887.3701

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