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Snow and Ice Report January 26 2019

Theres snow out there, maybe to much in some locations. Makes for easy sledding and even quad travel where its packed down well. Be wary of slushy conditions on any body of water as it can really ruin your day. A week of  -30C slush issues?   what slush issues?

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Thick ice on Black Bay and Mazukama/Kama Bay and expanding. 

Silver Harbor and Bays End are building ice with thin to medium ice with lots of cracking still going on – usually into February before its ready as is Jesse Lake on the Nipigon River. The North shore is icing itself in with a substantial ice shelf forming.

Another week of -30 C then a warm up …. makes for great ice and great fishing.




Hows the fishing?

Inland lakes for brook trout, walleye and splake reports are good, a bit slushy and slow at times.

Whitefish on Superior seems to be completely hit or completely miss. 

Lake Trout are picking up. Jesse Lake opens for Lake Trout on February 15th.


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