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Terrace Bay, Schreiber and Rossport

Highway 17 from Nipigon travels east along the rugged coastline of Lake Superior. Some of the best views of Superior are from this section of highway featuring imposing clifftops overlooking Nipigon Bay.

Your first stop will be at Kama Hill, as you rise to overlook Kama Bay on the north side of the highway you will see well layered red rocks interlain with darker layers. These are remnants of an ancient desert which periodically flooded. Just a short distance past Kama hill you will start up another larger hill – with a small park on the right-hand side with a fantastic view of Lake Superior and Kama.

Continuing on your journey, you will cross many rivers which hold springtime spawning steelhead, around the shores of Lake Superior.

Casque Isles Trail’s western most end starts at Rossport and will travel another 53km along Lake Superior to Terrace Bay.

Pays Plat First Nation
This small First Nation community on the shores of Lake Superior. It hosts its annual Pow Wow celebration near the end of July every year.

Approximately an hours drive east of Nipigon you will come down a large hill where the highway seems to run right into the lake. Nestled at the base of the hill is the tiny hamlet of Rossport. With bed and breakfasts, guided boat tours, kayaking and a relaxing cafe Rossport gives you a great vantage point for the islands of Nipigon Bay.
Rossport even has a beautiful sandy beach to relax on.

A Train Town with a train museum. Visit the Rail Array Museum. Also, hosts a Trailhead to join into the Casque Isles Trail.

Terrace Bay
Agusasobon Falls and Gorge, large sandy beach, quality golf course and gateway to the Slate Islands Provincial Park – site of an ancient meteorite impact.

As you drive down to the beach, you are driving down the terraces which mark different waterlevels on Lake Superior over time.

Casque Isle Trails

GPS Enabled Rossport, Schreiber, Terrace Bay and Casque Isle Trail.

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