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Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide 2021

2022 Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide:

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This Guidebook is from 2016/2017 and may contain businesses and phone numbers that may not exist or have changed. The destinations all hold true. For updated information get the new guidebook which is constantly being updated.

Nipigon area Fishing Guidebook

Comprehensive guidebook for fishing in the region. Includes Maps, species information, advice and locations. Available through Northwest Ontario Outdoors.

Land of Nipigon Fishes

Rainbow Trout

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Lifespan: 10 Years
Habitat: Inland lakes, rivers, streams. Open water.
Spawning: Spring (April)
Spawn Habitat: Gravel beds small to moderate sized rivers and streams.

Foods: Surface insects, nymphs, aquatic insects, other smaller fish,
World Record: 48 lbs (2009)
Standard Baits: Artificial Flies, Lures, Jig Flies, Spawn/Egg imitations
Live Bait (worm/minnow)


Where to fish
Nearly all tributaries of Lake Superior have spawning runs of Rainbow in the spring, some larger rivers like Nipigon, Wolf and Jackpine have well established runs and are hotspots for fishing.
Before they can enter rivers/creeks in the spring they can be readily caught at river mouths.
Trolling open water on Lake Superior in Nipigon Bay.
Year round populations in the Nipigon River.

What to fish
Spring/fall spawn: Egg pattern flys, small pink worms, yarns, spawn sacks, eggs.
Little Cleo casting/trolling spoons

How to fish
Casting spoons at river mouths early spring.
During spring spawn – spawn sacks, flyies, yarns, eggs all drifted along bottom.
Trolling spoons during summer/fall.
During fall false spawn – same as spring but fish are much more aggressive.

Steelhead rivers of Northwest Ontario. This is not the complete list. 

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Fishing Nipigon; choose your species

Brook Trout

Lake Trout

Rainbow Trout


Chinook Salmon

Pink Salmon

Northern Pike


Coho Salmon

Lake Whitefish

Lake Cisco


Smallmouth Bass


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