Land of Nipigon Mushroom picking guide


Unlock the secrets of the wild edible mushrooms of Northwest Ontario with our comprehensive guide. Our expertly curated guide is the result of years of research, exploration and personal experience, all condensed into one easy-to-use resource. This guide will empower you to safely and confidently identify, locate and taste a wide variety of wild edible mushrooms found in this beautiful region.

With our guide, you will have access to accurate and detailed information, including multiple sources of pictures, opinions and observations accumulated from many sources. Our included identification worksheets, tips for mushroom picking, and guidelines for spore spreading and preservation will help you become a responsible and successful mushroom picker.

Remember, it is important to follow mushroom rules, which include leaving older mushrooms for spore production, never picking all the mushrooms in an area, never picking noticeably bug-infested mushrooms, placing picked mushrooms in an open basket or mesh bag to help spread spores as you walk, and disposing of cuttings and discarded mushrooms in an environment similar to where they were found.

Experience the thrill of discovering and enjoying the wild edible mushrooms of Northwest Ontario with our guide. Order now and start your journey today!



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