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Exploring the Nipigon Marina and Lake Superior Tides


The Lake Superior Seiche at the Nipigon Marina

Lake Superior itself has tides. Well, it has seiches which appear as tiny tides.

Lake Superior has predominately northerly winds which cause water to be blown and accumulate on the south shore, as the water gets too heavy to hold, gravity makes it fall back effectively sloshing the water back across the lake to the north. Like a tub of water tilted and then righted quickly, the water will then oscillate up and down on either side until it becomes at equilibrium again.

In Nipigon, the Lake Superior seiche can easily be observed at Black Bridge located at the Nipigon Marina. As water under the bridge will change direction into and out of the Lagoon due to the seiche. Water levels on the shore below the bridge can rise and fall a foot or more every couple of hours depending on conditions. The seiche is significantly enhanced following a storm.

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