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Now 100% created, designed and printed in Nipigon

Introducing our new waterproof, tear proof maps featuring fishing, activities and things to do in the Nipigon area as well as our two map series for Lake Nipigon. 

Geared primarily for fishing, these maps also contain invaluable information for those in or traveling to the Nipigon area.

These maps are 100% designed and printed within Nipigon, supporting small business and organizations one map at a time. 

All maps include:

  • Fishing locations
  • Fishing access points
  • Crown land / Private Land
  • Crown land camping locations
  • Bush roads, highways 
  • Stocked lakes
  • Trail head locations
  • Places to stay in Nipigon
  • Places to eat in Nipigon
  • Other things to do in Nipigon



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