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There are significant changes afoot for the reach, focus and information beyond the Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide. As part of the changes, I can compile and display trails and recreation interactive map for the region.

In addition to being displayed online, the data and resources will also be included on printed maps, guidebooks and resources which will be available online and in select stores and venues in the coming months.

This new interactive map data will include:

  • Trails
  • Shore fishing locations
  • Places to visit and see
  • Geologically significant points
  • Waterfalls
  • Foraging/Berry Picking
  • Many other recreational resources for those that live work and come to play in the region


There are also substantial changes coming to the maps (digital and print) which are all currently under redesign and focus as well as additional subject focused guidebooks in development, all with local flavour and all containing information and resources to not only bring people here, but to inform the people of the region what is available here. 

Below is just a sample of the development of the map and its resources. In the coming weeks, this information will expand and extend to represent the recreational activities available in our region.

The Map below is in testing mode. Local information, points of interest, trails and more is being added and functionality with descriptions and more is being developed actively.  

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