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Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide 2021

2022 Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide:

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This Guidebook is from 2016/2017 and may contain businesses and phone numbers that may not exist or have changed. The destinations all hold true. For updated information get the new guidebook which is constantly being updated.

Nipigon area Fishing Guidebook

Comprehensive guidebook for fishing in the region. Includes Maps, species information, advice and locations. Available through Northwest Ontario Outdoors.

Land of Nipigon Fishes

Lake Whitefish

A popular fish at restaurants on the east coast, the Lake Whitefish inhabits many of the larger lakes and rivers around Nipigon.

Is it a whitefish or cisco?
Whitefish and Cisco look nearly identical although whitefish tend to be bigger. The tell tall sign is Whitefish have a downturned mouth/jaw and Cisco have normal/upturned mouth.

In he picture below second fish from top is a Cisco.

Size: 2-5 pounds
Habitat: Cool deeper water, sandy/rocky
Spawning: Late Fall
Foods: Smaller fish, plankton, insects
World Record: 15 pounds 6 oz.
Common Baits: Jigging/bottom worm/minnow tipped jig heads. Surface jigs, wax worms while feeding at surface in spring.
Through the ice is a very popular method in the winter months.

Where to fish
Most commonly fished on Lake Superior and Jesse Lake – typically through the ice. Can be caught at the Nipigon Marina in spring/fall on bottom. During spawning around halloweeen every year, they can be netted in Silver Harbour as well as other local spawning areas.

What to fish
Minnow tipped jig heads, set bait on bottom, near surface wax worms/bobber and surface jigs when feeding at surface – will see them jumping.
Surface flies/fly rod in spring before mayfly hatch.

How to fish
Through the ice, jigging just off bottom with jig head tipped with smelt pieces/minnow. Whitefish like subtle presentation. Do not over jig or “Slam” the bottom repeatadly. Slight moverment followed by stillness.

Dragging baited jigs across sand areas/beach – really well during fall spawning period.

Great fun with a fly rod at surface until the mayfly hatch.

Fishing Nipigon; choose your species

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Coho Salmon

Lake Whitefish

Lake Cisco


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