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SNOW AND ICE REPORT FOR January 11, 2018

Theres snow out there, maybe to much in some locations. Makes for easy sledding and even quad travel where its packed down well. Be wary of slushy conditions on any body of water as it can really ruin your day.

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The power of shiners on Black Bay!

Looks like we have officially got some nice thick ice out there. Black Bay and Mazukama/Kama on the big Lake locally. Fishing has been picking up as well with some good catches of Whitefish NEAR Kama and jumbo perch on Black Bay. Even a few nice walleye on the inland lakes.

Silver Harbor is pretty much just starting to form ice – usually into February before its ready as is Jesse Lake on the Nipigon River.

Inland lakes have ice and some reports of slushy conditions, colder temps should take care of that.



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