Five things to experience in the Land of Nipigon

The Land of Nipigon is an area wild boreal forest located at the top of Lake Superior. Most visitors describe the area as the most picturesque region on Lake Superior with its cliffs, islands, wild rivers and access to Lake Superior, Lake Nipigon and the Nipigon River system.


Where there are cliffs, there will be waterfalls. From Aguasabon falls in Terrace Bay, to Kama Cliffs and Mazukama falls just outside Nipigon travellers are treated to a range of waterfalls.
One hotspot for waterfalls, especially in the spring or following heavy rain is at the Palisades approximately 40km north of Nipigon on Highway 11. This vast plateau has numerous waterfalls of various sizes and heights concentrated in a small area. March sees these waterfalls frozen and ice climbers from the world over flock to Nipigon for some of the best ice climbing anywhere.


One billion years ago, geological forces tried to rip the continent apart. The magma flowed to the surface as a rift valley formed. The magma created huge plateaus which were then eroded and carved by glaciers. The valley later filled with water to become Lake Superior, the magma (diabase) became the cuestas of the Land of Nipigon. Their steep cliffs and spectacular views are a mecca for hikers the world over. From short trails to Mazukama Falls, Ontario’s smallest provincial park, to the spectacular wildlife and views of the eight-kilometre hike along the Nipigon River to the 50km hike along Lake Superior on the Casque Isles Trail system, we have a trail for everyone.


The Land of Nipigon has long been a fishing destination. For thousands of years, the first nations fished, hunted and foraged the region with its high concentration of fish and wildlife.
European fisherpeople have flocked to the Nipigon River system for hundreds of years seeking the world famous Brook Trout that inhabit the region. The World Record Brook Trout was caught here over 100 years ago.
Today there are over ten commonly fished species in the waters, many of which reach trophy sizes. From wading rivers to drift fishing the larger tributaries to trolling on the big lakes. There is a fishing opportunity for all skill levels and any fishing techniques.

Nature Watching

From moose to the springtime influx of songbirds, the Land of Nipigon offers abundant and unique nature watching opportunities abound.
Herons, Bald eagles and ducks of all sorts frequent the shallows of Lake Helen just outside Nipigon. Springtime on any of our trails brings an opportunity to witness grouse and many bird species as they migrate to their summer nesting areas in the boreal forest. Our highways and bushroads offer a chance to observe some of our more elusive and larger animals in moose, bear, wolves and lynx.

Night Skies

The land of Nipigon offers big dark night skies with little to no light pollution. Stargazing and northern lights viewing with unobstructed views and a backdrop of Lake Superior and the Boreal forest. Many unique opportunities from night time trail walks, to camping or just exploring the region’s roads at night, our night sky is spectacular.

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