Land of Nipigon


With fourteen species of fish, thousands of lakes and hundreds of miles of rivers and creeks, we have a fishing opportunity for anyone.

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Land of Nipigon

Fishing in the Land of Nipigon



Fishing Regulations Website
Nipigon area includes
Fisheries Zones 67 and 9

The Land of Nipigon includes the watershed area of Lake Nipigon, Nipigon River and Nipigon Bay on Lake Superior.

Lake Nipigon and the river systems that empty into it provide some of the best Walleye and Brook Trout fishing in the world.

Lake Nipigon is a large lake that can become very rough very fast. Trophy Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Brook Trout are commonly sought gamefish.
Three points allow access to Lake Nipigon in Beardmore on the East Coast, South Bay along the South Coast and Gull Bay FN on the west coast.

The Nipigon River joins Lake Nipigon to Lake Superior at Nipigon Bay. Three dams break up the river. The River, at all points, is known for its trophy Brook Trout. The most popular fishing point along the river is beneat6h Pine Portage Dam accessed via Jesse Lake. The entire river system holds trophy Brook Trout.
The first dam upstream from Nipigon Bay is a gathering point for many other species not present above the dam (Alexander). In addition to Lake Trout and Brook Trout, Salmon and Rainbow Trout (Steelhead) are common catches below the dam.

Nipigon Bay at Lake Superior is the northern-most point of Lake Superior. Nipigon Bay is protected somewhat by many large barrier islands, although it becomes rough very fast at times. Brook Trout in Nipigon Bay are referred to as coasters and can get as big as their river counterparts. In addition to Brook Trout, Nipigon Bay also holds Lake Trout, Salmon, Rainbow Trout and giant Northern Pike. Nipigon Bay also has one of the best Jumbo Perch fisheries around.

From salmon on the great lake to giant lake trout on Lake Nipigon to world record brook trout in the Nipigon River, Nipigon is an angler’s paradise. There is something to catch in any season.

The Nipigon River is also the place that holds the world record for Brook Trout in 1915 (>100 years). This is the longest standing world fishing record on the books. To this day, with stringent size and possession limits, the fishing is top-notch, with many fish over 6 lbs. and a few over 10lbs every year.

The Nipigon area offers excellent canoe and kayak adventures, stunning vistas from our hiking trails and many miles of trails and thousands of old logging roads to explore via 4×4, ATV or snowmachine. Thousands of inland lakes and rivers also hold many species of fish from Northern Pike to Walleye to Brook Trout and more.

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