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Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide 2021

2022 Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide:

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This Guidebook is from 2016/2017 and may contain businesses and phone numbers that may not exist or have changed. The destinations all hold true. For updated information get the new guidebook which is constantly being updated.

Nipigon area Fishing Guidebook

Comprehensive guidebook for fishing in the region. Includes Maps, species information, advice and locations. Available through Northwest Ontario Outdoors.


Fishing Essentials

What Fishing Zone are you in?
Nipigon is located at the junction of three major MNR fishing zones.

If you are East of Highway 11 and the Nipigon River and are inland (not directly on Lake Superior), you are in Fishery Management Zone 7

If you are West of Highway 11 and on the Nipigon River and inland you are in fishery management zone 6.
If you are fishing on Lake Superior, including Nipigon Bay up to the mouth of the Nipigon River (At the powerlines just south of Nipigon, congrats you are in fishery management zone 9.

Things to keep in mind.
Brook Trout are protected in Nipigon Bay, Nipigon River and Lake Nipigon. Special rules will apply.

Walleye are protected (No fish) in Nipigon Bay and Black Bay due to commercial overfishing and any river/creek that empties into them up to the first impassable barrier (dam, falls, gandalf). Do not keep any walleye! We have many inland lakes that hold walleye.

Stocked lakes (additional fishing opportunities) are open all year, have no size restrictions and have a limit of 5 fish and typically have Nipigon strain Brook trout.

The official rulebook can be found at;

Stop in at Nipigon River Bait Tackle and Souvenirs. The home base for the Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide. We have printed maps, tackle, live bait and more information than you will know what to do with.

21 second street, Nipigon


Choices of tackle and fishing techniques are endless considering the number of different species in the area. Recommended equipment to bring with you to the Nipigon Area.

License and Outdoors Card
Copy of the Fishing Regulations
Fishing Net
Medium action 6’-7’ Spinning rod/reel combo
Basic Hooks/sinkers/floats and general tackle
Hook Remover – Big Fish = Big Teeth
A good Knife (Fillet/Hunting)
Plastic Bags
Ziploc Bags

The Basic Tackle Box

Jig Heads
Wire Leaders
Needle Nose Pliers
Line Cutter (Nail Clippers)
Ruler/measuring tape (1m)
First Aid Kit
Plastic tubes/worms

What boat do you need?

There are ample shorefishing areas within the area however, to truly take full advantage of the fishing opportunities a boat of some sort is a must.

Small inland lakes only require small boats, motorized or not. Some lakes may require carrying or launching from boat launches in very poor conditions.

Lake Superior / Nipigon Bay requires a reliable boat , and if you are sticking nearer the shore a smaller boat will do just fine.

Open water on Lake Superior as well as Lake Nipigon will require a larger boat with more horsepower as the wind can kick up large waves in minutes.

Deep and wide boats with larger motors are needed to handle the larger waves.

Nipigon River for the most part is protected from winds except when tyraversing Jessie Lake. Smaller boats will do fine here and smaller motors are fine as well. To powerful a motor and you cant hold in the current, to week and you will drift donwstream to quickly.

Float tubes, lightweight canoes and kayaks are perfect for the smaller inland lakes.

A 14 to 16 foot deep and wide boat with a 25HP motor will cover much more lake opportunities than just a large boat or small boat by themselves. It will even allow you access to protected areas on Nipigon Bay and Lake Nipigon.

Fishing Nipigon; choose your species

Brook Trout

Lake Trout

Rainbow Trout


Chinook Salmon

Pink Salmon

Northern Pike


Coho Salmon

Lake Whitefish

Lake Cisco


Smallmouth Bass


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