Land of Nipigon


The Land of Nipigon offers many adventures, not just fishing and hunting. We have rock climbing, trail walking, canoe/kayaking, waterfalls, wildlife and much much more.

Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide 2021

2022 Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide:

Printed: $19.95 +shipping


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Edible and medicinal Wild plants and mushrooms


Berry Picking


Wild Life and Bird Watching

FREE DOWNLOAD - The Original Guidebook

This Guidebook is from 2016/2017 and may contain businesses and phone numbers that may not exist or have changed. The destinations all hold true. For updated information get the new guidebook which is constantly being updated.

Land of Nipigon Adventure

Equipment Rentals


Ice fishing package

Everything you need to enjoy a day ice fishing.


Or we can setup for you anywhere you would like to fish. Then you just walk into a nice heated ice fishing hut all setup for you.   

if we haul it in, setup/take down and bring it out for you. 




** Extra fees for lost/damaged equipment




  • Large 6 person easy up/down Quickfish 6 ice fishing tent
  • Buddy heater for tent
  • 6″ ice auger
  • Ice scoop
  • 2 ice fishing rods
  • 2 ice fishing rod holders
  • Various tackle
  • Live bait if desired
  • A sled to pull it all

Snowshoe Rentals; 

Multiple sizes and styles. 


Pull sled Rentals; 

Small hand pull-able sleds for taking your gear with you. 

Small: $10/day

Max. Capacity: 60 kg (130 lb)

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