Snow and Ice Report for December 20, 2019

December 20 2019 Ice Chart:

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Ice and snow report – December 20, 2019

Glenn Hart

Calm, cold weather with little snow has allowed the ice to thicken nicely on many smaller inland lakes. Black Bay is medium, fast ice, with 12 inches or more of ice stretching out well into the lake. Kama Bay and the western part of Nipigon Bay is also considered fast, medium ice in the 10-12″ range in most places.

Smaller inland lakes are well iced over, and snowmobile travel is possible on most smaller lakes. We could use some more snow on the trails; however, in most instances, there is enough for snowmachines.

Nipigon River Bait and Tackle has an abundant minnow supply. Rentable sleighs, augers, rods equipment and maps are also available.

The snow depth is settling with around a 15″ base in Nipigon with more just north as well as west of Nipigon. Unplowed bush roads and open trails can be traversed by snowmachine. Snowmachines are packing trails. Trucks and Quads can still drive most roads; however, banking at the highways may be an issue. Snowmachines are coming out in numbers and are packing trails nicely. There is only patchy snow on the lake ice.

Temperatures are warming to make for an excellent week or two of ice fishing. Seasonal temperatures should return early in the new year.

Word has it the Rendezvous Ski trails have begun to be groomed, and snowshoeing our trails is becoming standard.



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