Casque Isles Trail

Casque Isles Trails
(Rossport, Terrace Bay and Schreiber areas)

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Casque Isles Trails

GPS Enabled Smartphone map of the Casque Isles Trail system and Terrace Bay/Schreiber/Rossport area.

Casque Isles Trails

The Casque Isles Trail is a recreational hiking trail along the North Shore of Lake Superior. The Trail is classified as Difficult, but there are many sections that are considered as Moderate between the more technical sections.

The Casque Isles Trail is a signed and groomed recreational
hiking trail that offers scenic vistas to the visitors who wish to
share in Lake Superior’s majestic and rugged beauty in
Ontario, Canada. Beginning in Rossport, passing through
Schreiber and ending in Terrace Bay, the total length of the
Trail is 53 km. For those who do not wish to attempt the
entire trek, the Trail is divided into 5 Segments; each with it’s
own Access point from Hwy 17 and each presenting it’s own
unique wilderness experience. These Segments vary in length
and difficulty so that both the advanced and the beginner
hiker can enjoy the North Shore.

If you enjoy hiking and wish to support its continued development, consider a membership in the Voyageur Trail Association.


Access Points

Mclean’s Segment – Accessed by A1, A2, A3 and A4, this segment goes from Rossport to Rainbow Falls Prov Park, Whitesand Campground. Ancient beaches, incredible vistas from the lookouts. Follows the boardwalk along Rainbow Falls. Camping available in Rainbow Falls Prov Park. (14km)

Schreiber Channel Segment – Accessed by A4 and A5, this segment goes from Rainbow Falls Prov Park to Schreiber Beach. Views of Lake Superior from lookouts, follows the shoreline for 2 km. Camping available at Rainbow Falls Prov Park, Twin Harbours and Schreiber Beach. (13km)

Mount Gwynne Segment – Accessed by A5, A6 and A7, this segment goes from Schreiber Beach to Worthington Bay. Pretty walk along Cooks Creek, Picnic Table Lookout, Mount Gwynne Lookout and Worthington Bay Beach. From Mount Gwynne Lookout you can see for 80 km in 360 degrees. Camping available at Schreiber Beach, Fourth Lake and Worthington Bay Beach. (7km)

Death Valley Segment – Accessed by A7, A8 and A9, this segment goes from Worthington Bay to Hydro Bay. The longest, most difficult segment. Follows the shoreline of Lake Superior, spectacular lookouts along the trail. Camping available at Worthington Bay Beach and Les Petits Ecrits. (10km)

Lyda Bay Segment – Accessed by A9, A10 and A11, this segment goes from Hydro Bay to Terrace Bay. The property is called the Terrace Bay Nature Reserve, owned by the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists. Warm, shallow bays for wading in Lake Superior. Aguasabon Falls and Terrace Bay Beach in Terrace Bay. (6km)

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