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Canyon Country Dorion Hurkett and Pearl

Wildlife viewing and sightseeing

Dorion, 20 minutes west of Nipigon is locally known as canyon country. Home to many deep canyons, steep diabase cliffs and breathtaking scenery it is definitely worth the trip.

Also, known for its red soil and roads which help identify the locals and is home to the Dorion Fish Hatchery which offers daily tours. (See trip information on page 13.

Ouimet Provincial Park
This park, staffed in the summer months, offers direct access to the rim of the canyon. The bottom of the canyon never sees daylight, and as a result, a microclimate supports sub-arctic plants on the floor and is only accessible with a special permit.
Eagle Canyon
This private tourist campground and stop is an excellent way to experience the canyons of the area. From a suspension bridge above it to a zip line down it, this can make for an exciting family day out.

Dorion is now home to a windfarm

Just west beyond Dorion are Hurkett and Pearl which offer numerous amethyst mines and shops.

Amethyst Mines

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