Land of Nipigon

Avenza Maps

We provide a number of map products both printed and GPS enabled for your smartphone. Avenza is the app and map system utilized throughout our guidebooks.

Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide 2021

2022 Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide:

Printed: $19.95 +shipping


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Land of Nipigon Adventure Maps

Avenza Maps

Our Maps are designed to work in concert with the Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide. At the very least you should use the supplied LEGEND file which gives additional details on points represented on the maps.

The maps here are available in what they call georeferenced PDFs. This means when you load them in the FREE app Avenza Offline Maps app on your smartphone, they can turn your phone into a GPS. Allowing you to track yourself in real-time, create points, tracks and other simple GPS type functions right on your smartphone.

Avenza Offline Maps DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY SORT OF CELL SIGNAL – it works solely with the georeferenced PDF and the internal GPS in your smartphone. For more information and instructions for using Avenza visit (my online smartmap repository).

Nipigon Guidebook maps are located at


How to load maps into the Avenza Offline App!

Install and Open Avenza Press  big orange +
(you do not need to sign up for an Avenza Account)

Choose Download or import a Map 

Under “Import” choose the earth icon with “HTTP:// tap to enter URL of a map…” label

Type Into the box and press OK

If entered the URL correctly the Map will download and start processing.

Once the map is done processing you can click on it and it opens. 
Once the map is downloaded it will appear in your maps list unless you remove it so.

How to open and view Maps in Avenza Offline Maps

How to track yourself in Avenza Offline Maps

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