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Looking for travel information for the Nipigon area? You have landed in the right spot. The Nipigon River and region has a long history as a major fur-trading route and later as a world class Brook Trout River. Today, the Nipigon River has three hydro-electric dams and the area has become an outdoors adventure destination the world over. We offer pristine boreal forest with all the amenities you are accustomed to.

The information on this site is available in the free downloadable Land of Nipigon Adventure Guidebook. Download it to your smartphone and take it with you.

The Printed Guidebook can be ordered online and shipped anywhere in North America.

The Guidebook is available at the following locations;

Nipigon River Bait and Tackle; 21 Second Street Nipigon
Nipigon Gazette; 155B Railway Street Nipigon

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Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide 2021

2022 Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide:

Printed: $19.95 +shipping


Land of Nipigon

Whats New!

December 20 2019 Ice and Snow report

December 20 2019 Ice and Snow report

Snow and Ice Report for December 20, 2019December 20 2019 Ice Chart:Compare to 2018 ice chart:Map from : Environment Canada Ice forecast Ice Products located at: https://iceweb1.cis.ec.gc.ca/Prod/page2.xhtmlIce and snow report - December 20, 2019 Glenn Hart Calm, cold...

New Nipigon area and Lake Nipigon Maps

New Nipigon area and Lake Nipigon Maps

Now 100% created, designed and printed in Nipigon Introducing our new waterproof, tear proof maps featuring fishing, activities and things to do in the Nipigon area as well as our two map series for Lake Nipigon.  Geared primarily for fishing,...

Land of Nipigon Recreation and travelers Map

Land of Nipigon Recreation and travelers Map

There are significant changes afoot for the reach, focus and information beyond the Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide. As part of the changes, I can compile and display trails and recreation interactive map for the region. In addition to being...

Five things to experience in the Land of Nipigon

Five things to experience in the Land of Nipigon

Drive along the Nipigon River The Palisades and Lake Nipigon Kama Point, Bay and Lake Superior Dorion - Canyon Country Dorion Fish Hatchery Black Bridge to see the Lake Superior tides Nipigon Museum Red Rock Interpretive Center Hurkett Cove...

February 9 2019 ice fishing report

February 9 2019 ice fishing report

Snow and Ice Report February 9 2019 More snow and warming temperatures means more slush out there. Maybe park those sleds a little away from where you are drilling holes in the ice. Report supplied by This week Last Week Two weeks ago Looks like Lake Superior is...

February 3 2019 snow and ice report

February 3 2019 snow and ice report

Snow and Ice Report February 3 2019 Still lots of snow, maybe getting a bit to much out there although it seems to be settling nicely. Report supplied by Last week This week Now that's an ice chart. What a difference a week of sub -30 degree weather does to the big...

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Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide 2021

2022 Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide:

Printed: $19.95 +shipping


Nipigon area Trails

GPS Enabled Smartphone map of Nipigon and Red Rock areas and official trails.

Kama Bay Trails

GPS Enabled Smartmap of Kama bay area and trails.

Casque Isle Trails

GPS Enabled Rossport, Schreiber, Terrace Bay and Casque Isle Trail.

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Relevant and up to date information  for travelers and locals alike. This is a large area and we want you to get the most out of the opportunities present.


Local knowledge of things to do, where to do them and what services are available in the area. We would hate for visitors to miss some of the best local secrets the Nipigon region has to offer.

Fishing Guides

We offer our local knowledge and contacts to help you find a trustworthy fishing guide that will best suite your needs and fishing style.

Adventure Guides

We offer other guide services, like ice fishing, wild edible walks, wild mushroom collecting and hiking. All provided by local knowledgeable people.

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To create and disseminate information and resources on and about the Land of Nipigon area to grow and nourish the tourism industry here in Northwest Ontario. Its a great place to visit, an even greater place to move to.


Land of Nipigon

Geological past

The Land of Nipigon has a long and varied geological past. From meteor strikes to a failed ocean. Arid desert to being buried under a mile of ice. The geological history of this part of the Canadian shield is unique and view-able in the rocks and Lake Superior itself.

Lake Superior, the spectacular cliffs and cuestas on the north shore, amethyst and even agates are all from a specific point around 1 billion years ago when an ocean tried to form, and failed forming a rift valley.

Historical Past

Widely settled by native Ojibwa first nations following the last ice age, the Land of Nipigon, eastern settlers were first drawn to the fur trade in the area in the late 1600’s. The lakes rivers and waterways were the highways they traveled into the Continent.

Highways and paved roads are a relatively new (1960’s) idea to the region and its vast relatively untouched boreal forest is a testament to the wildness of the region.

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